Getting Started

1 Schedule your free introductory class here. This introductory class will give you an overview of what CrossFit 813 is all about and you will get to experience a workout so wear training attire.
Classes: Mondays 6:30 pm, by appointment only
Contact us here for more information about our programs.
3 Register for the 813 On-Ramp CrossFit program via at Details of the program can be found below:

On Ramp


CrossFit is a high intensity fitness program driven first by proper body mechanics. We offer an On Ramp Program for anyone new to CrossFit. Whether you are an unconditioned former competitive athlete, high school football player, stay at home mom, or someone who just isn’t making progress with your current training, this program is for you.

During this course we will cover squats (there is a lot more to it than you would think), presses, gymnastic (bodyweight) movements, Olympic lifts and quite a bit more. The program is divided into two phases; skill development and a WOD (workout of the day). WODs are developed for beginning CrossFitters and can be scaled to any fitness level.


This is a four (4) session program with one of our 813 trainers. Each class will last an hour and fifteen minutes. Please contact us to be added to a class.


The cost of the On Ramp Program is $160. Your training will be in a private setting with an accredited CrossFit trainer. After completion of the On Ramp series you will be ready to join any of the scheduled group sessions and train with the CrossFit 813 family.