Crossfit FAQs

Q) I’m not that fit. Is CrossFit for me? Should I “get in shape” first before trying CrossFit?

The only difference between the training needs of an elite athlete and an unconditioned ‘average Larry’ is weight, volume, and speed. What does that mean? Essentially it means that all the movements we do in CrossFit are universal in their ability to improve performance. Making an adjustment in a workout for a beginner ( ‘scaling’ a workout) means reducing the total reps or rounds, reducing the distance, eliminating the clock, reducing the weight, and/or reducing the complexity of a movement. This is practiced daily with anyone who needs it with great success by our team.


Q) Do I need experience or some minimum level of fitness?

No! Just get started. Our workouts and exercises scale to any level – from pvc pipes to barbells, we’ll tailor the workout to your ability.


Q) How many times per week do I need to do CrossFit to get results?

We recommend that most of our members attend 3 classes per week to start. Results are highly individualized and depend on motivation, experience, current physical condition and many other factors. Some members get great results with just two times per week, others enjoy the classes so much they build up to coming 4 or even 5 times per week! (Generally, this is for advanced athletes only).


Q) Your workouts contain push-ups and pull-ups. I can’t do a single one of either. How can I work out with you?

Lots of people can’t do a push-up or a pull-up. We decrease the load, change the angle, provide some supported analogue of a pull-up, so that even the most deconditioned person, or elderly people, or children, who start off not being able to do a pull-up eventually can do a pull-up. It’s about progression and starting with what the client can do, and working in reasonable steps toward that goal(s).


Q) How intense are the classes?

Our programs are all scalable to your fitness level. In other words, it’s you against the workout—you get to decide exactly how intense your workout will be.


Q) Do beginners get extremely sore? If so, how long before that goes away?

Soreness is not always an indication of how hard you worked out. Chances are, after your first workout, you’ll be sore for a few days. We try to fit in some stretches at the end of the workouts and we suggest you stretch before you go to sleep. Over time, soreness can decrease, but at the same time your ability increases, so you can always get sore because you’re working harder.


Q) I am a woman, is this type of training right for me?

Currently, our gym has more women members than men! Our members include pregnant women, new moms, working moms, and more. Our coaches specialize in being able to adapt the workouts to any fitness level so that the workouts will be challenging but do-able.


Q) Is it only group classes or can I come in and work out on my own?

We do offer open gym hours during the week for unlimited members and advanced athletes to come in and work on weaknesses or skills. If you have odd work hours and can only train during open gym, please email us.


Q) Do you offer discounts for students, active military, police, and firefighters?

Yes. Please click here or email us for more information at


Q) I am visiting from out of town, may I drop in?

We love having experienced visitors. Click here to schedule your drop in. Our drop in fee is $20.00.