813 Weightlifting team ‘USAW’



Program Overview:

CrossFit 813 is a registered USA Weightlifting club. Our weightlifting program specializes in learning and training the snatch and the clean & jerk and is open to all ages and experience levels. This program improves technique, explosiveness, strength and general comfort level with the Olympic lifts.

Fundamentals Workshop Series:

This “on-ramp” class series is for anyone who is new to learning and/or performing the Olympic lifts. This class series meets twice a week for 4 weeks in a small group environment and is designed to teach you the proper progressions for performing the snatch and clean & jerk.

“Hybrid” Weightlifting Program*:

Personalized programming is available for the CrossFit athlete that is looking to incorporate Olympic weightlifting as part of their training. The exercises and workouts will be tailored to you and are designed to fit in to your existing program based on a preliminary one-on-one assessment.

813 Weightlifting Program/Team*:

For those that would like to focus on the Olympic lifts, this is a full-time weightlifting program. Participants will train as a specialized athlete in the snatch and clean & jerk and are encouraged to compete in local or regional weightlifting meets to test their developing skills.

*Personal training sessions or graduation from the weightlifting Fundamentals Workshop Series may be required.

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USA Weightlifting National Coach

USA Weightlifting LWC Certified Referee

MuscleDriver Level 1 Weightlifting Course

MuscleDriver Level 2 Advanced Weightlifting Coach’s Course

Coaching in the sport of weightlifting since 2009


Patrick moved to Tampa in 2007 and joined a local CrossFit gym to lose weight and get back in shape. After a year and a half of doing CrossFit and losing over 40 pounds, he attended a weightlifting seminar with Glenn Pendlay and his 94kg national champion Jon North and was instantly hooked. After that seminar, he has focused primarily on training the Olympic lifts and becoming a student of the sport. Since then, he has created a stand-alone, full-time weightlifting program in Tampa, Florida within CrossFit 813 and currently coaches numerous athletes from recreational lifters to national-level competitors.

Patrick has traveled to spend time training with and learning from some of the biggest names in the sport including Alex Krychev and Ivan Abadjiev at the Eleiko Weightlifting Academy, Glenn Pendlay from California Strength and MDUSA, and travels to drop in at Catalyst Athletics in Sunnyvale, CA. He has also assisted U.S. International Coach Daniel Camargo during USA Weightlifting certification courses and Camargo Oly Concepts weightlifting seminars around the state of Florida. Patrick is always seeking out new information and learning from everyone that he can while passing that information on to other lifters and coaches.

Patrick was a three-sport high school varsity athlete (soccer, tennis, golf) and graduated from the University of West Florida with a degree in Digital Media and Advertising. He is available for coaching and personal training at CrossFit 813 and also remote coaching via the Internet. Click here for details!